The early days….the really really early days!!

I just ran across this photo today and thought i’d share :)  I think this was only our second show.  We had just won Best In Show and Best Raw Chocolate at the Oregon Chocolate Festival so we were still on such a ‘high’ from that.  This was taken in Portland at the Convention Center.  We had our 3 kids helping at the booth too!

How much we have learned since then!  We were exhausted by trying to explain every little thing about our company and chocolate.  Most people don’t care!  They just want it to taste good.   LOL, we were so green!  We also put out full size chocolates as a ‘display’ with cut up samples in front of the display.  If we turned our backs on the customers there were more than a few that took the full size chocolates.  I even caught one of them-couldn’t resist!

Since this pic we’ve gone through many changes.  We finally moved out of our domestic kitchen (in my home) to our retail location 4 years ago where we now make the chocolates.  We did a name change at the beginning of this year (2019) and a packaging change.  And…we now have 4 new grandchildren!  Holy Cow!

If your ever in Grants Pass, Oregon we’d love to see you at our factory at 8880 Williams Hwy, Unit B.  541-450-9080.  But if you cant make it you can always visit us online at

…Until next time I find old photos….  Jennifer