Interested in Wholesale?

Heres what you need to know!


To become a wholesaler you need:

  • a brick and mortar business
  • an area to display our chocolates
  • a fridge to put the chocolates in at night
  • minimum of 3 boxes per order

You can buy the chocolates in 14 pc boxes of either one flavor per box or an assortment of all 12 doubling up on our best sellers. For flavor list click here.

The boxes that you receive the chocolates in double as a display with perforated edges that you will remove. See picture below for how the display looks.

You will need an area to refrigerate them if they last longer than 3 weeks. If put in the refrigerator at night they will last 4+ months.

You will have a month to pay your invoice. If you are needing chocolates before the month is up please pay the invoice before making another order.

These items can be shipped.

14 pc boxes: $27.30

Our 12 Flavors


To become a wholesaler you need

  • A brick and mortar business
  • a fridge to put them at night
  • buy 12+ at a time

We do have many options of cupcake flavors and frosting flavors. Please click here to check those option out.

These can be frozen for 4+ months or last 5 days outside of the fridge.

These items need to be picked up or a $15 delivery charge will apply to Grants Pass locations.

12 cupcakes: $32

24 cupcakes:$60

36: $80

48: $106


To make orders please email supernaturalchocolateco@gmail.com or call us at 541-862-7489