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Valentines Outside the Box – 4 Alternative Ways To Celebrate

We love the concept of Valentines Day. A day dedicated to showing someone special how much you care about them. In recent years however, the true purpose of Valentines day has become overshadowed by commercialization. Instead of rekindling the bonds that united us, we are distracted by overpriced roses and long wait times at restaurants. For those of you who share in our plight, here are 4 alternatives to the cliché Valentines day traditions.

What is Raw Chocolate Anyway?

Raw cacao beans in burlap sack
Raw chocolate is simply that the bean (or seed) of the cacao pod has NOT been roasted.  All other chocolates on the market are made with the roasted bean.  Roasting is not bad, its actually a good way to bring out the flavor profiles of the bean much like roasting coffee beans from different parts of the world.